A refusal of planning permission by a Local Planning Authority, is not the end of the road for your proposal. With the right advice, submitting a planning appeal does not have to be a scary or complicated process. Our team at ET Planning have the specialist knowledge and expertise to make a strong and robust appeal against refusals of planning permission or unreasonable conditions. We also have a particular specialism with regard to Enforcement Appeals.

Local Planning Authorities unfortunately don’t always make the correct decision when they refuse an application, or when they put restrictive conditions on planning permissions. Because the Council will very often take a very restrictive or conservative approach to approving development, the whole system relies on the appeal process for balance to allow some development that should never have been refused planning permission.

ET Planning has the experience and expertise to help guide you through the appeal process and give honest and genuine advice on the options available to you. To see some of the Planning Appeals work we’ve already undertaken, see our portfolio here.

Our team have mostly worked for Local Planning Authorities at some point in their career, and we therefore understand how and when decisions to refuse applications are sometimes made by Council’s, that should really have been approved. That insider experience enables us to make robust appeal statements and arguments in support of your proposals.

If you want to discuss a planning refusal, or you want advice on what your appeal options are, get in touch with us on 01344 508048 (Thames Valley), 01743 612043 (Midlands) or 01483 363950 (London and South) to discuss the next steps.

Let us help you understand what the Council is trying to achieve with their refusal, and to fully understand all of the options open to you. If appropriate we can use our expertise and creative talent to make a strong and compelling appeal case on your behalf.

ET Planning is registered with the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI).