The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulations are extremely complicated, and very rigid in the way they’re applied. Local Authorities don’t always get things right, and any mistake can cost anything from a thousand, to tens or hundreds of thousands in CIL Levy charges. That, is understandably very stressful and causes liable parties a lot of worry. Understanding how the Council has gone wrong, and particularly how and when to challenge them can be critical in saving you from unreasonable or inappropriate charges.

Here at ET Planning we’ve got experience successfully submitting Regulation 114 CIL Appeals to challenge the chargeable amounts in Liability Notices, as well as successfully reducing Demand Notice Surcharges at Regulation 117 Appeals. We can also provide advice on how to mitigate excessive charges, or provide strategies to minimise the amount of CIL you pay. If you get us involved early enough in the process, we can also provide advice on the best strategy going into the beginning of the planning process, to properly keep the CIL charges to the appropriate minimums – and explain what legitimate processes exist that can help avoid CIL Liabilities all together. We can also advice on how to use Phasing Plans to spread the cost of Community Infrastructure Liability payments over the build process. Call us now on 01344 508048 for more information on how we can help you save on CIL!

Challenging CIL Liability

A short video setting out the process to challenging a Community Infrastructure Liability (CIL) on a development following planning permission.