Enforcement investigation resolved and planning permission granted for a new Wokingham dwelling

Thanks to ET Planning, a Wokingham homeowner has received planning permission which allows their single storey annexe to be deemed as an independent three bedroom property.

The annexe extension was built for elderly family members to move into, but when plans changed, the homeowners looked at different ways that they could make use of the annexe and so started to rent out the property.

As the annexe had a legal tie to the house, this trigged an enforcement investigation by Wokingham Borough Council.

The proposal to the Council was to make the dwelling a legal property in its own right so that it could be rented out. The supporting plans, prepared by Space Office in Reading, also detailed how the garden of the main dwelling would be subdivided to include provision of a private garden and parking for the rental property.

The Planning Committee took on board neighbour feedback due to concerns over parking, but the committee agreed that the application was in accord with Policy and so granted retrospective planning permission which then also resolved the enforcement investigation.

The ET Planning team are specialists in Enforcement Investigations. If you have been served an enforcement notice and would like to discuss your options, please contact the ET Planning team.