An image of the side of the proposed development which is 5 stories high

New Bracknell development proposal – transitioning a Football Club to Flats

An image of the proposed site
Proposed Development Design by Ascot Design

Following lengthy negotiations, Bracknell Town Football Club will soon move to a new site within the Borough, paving the way for a redevelopment of the current site located on Larges Lane.

In place of the pitch, spectator stands, club facilities and car park, a proposal has been put forward to transition the site into 164 new residential apartments.

The proposed development would introduce three residential apartment buildings to the site, each between 3 to 5 stories high. The buildings would house 164 new flats; 80 x 1 bedroom flats, 80 x 2 bedroom flats and 4 x 3 bedroom flats.

An image of the side of the proposed development which is 5 stories high
Proposed Development Design by Ascot Design

The application, which ET Planning is delighted to have guided and assembled on behalf of the Football Club, follows the allocation fo the site by the Borough Council under policy SA2.

Importantly, policy SA2 recognises that sporting grounds should not be redeveloped unless the loss of these facilities can be replaced elsewhere. With the club expanding and progressing within the national football league system the current site does not fulfil their requirements or meet the FA national Ground Grading Category 3 requirements. Consequently, the current site is stifling the Club’s progression and so plans are now in place for the club to relocate to a more sustainable location.

Director Emily Temple of ET Planning said; “This proposal supports the ongoing growth of a valuable Sports Club within the Borough, as well as making efficient use of previously developed land in accordance with National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) paragraph 117.

“The site has been a place where the community has come together over the years. These proposals continue that legacy; building a new community and a space so many can call home”.

An image of the proposed development
Proposed Development Design by Ascot Design

The vision and design for the new proposed developed has been crafted by architects Ascot Design. The architectural design of this development is important in keeping in line with the character and appearance of the local area, as well as supporting the NPPF (paragraph 124) which states “Good design is a key aspect of sustainable development, creates better places to live and work and helps make development acceptable within communities”.

The development proposal which has now been submitted to Bracknell Forest Council seeks to make best use of the land, support the housing demand in the area and bring economic and social benefit to the town.