Viability Assessment

Viability Assessment

When applying for planning permission for residential schemes, Local Authorities will often require a provision of affordable housing, through a negotiated legal agreement. If you wanted to challenge the requirement, or the commented sums request, you will normally need to submit an Affordable Housing Viability Assessment. Please get in contact if this is something you need ET Planning to provide for you.

Depending on the specific local policies, an LPA might require you to provide affordable housing ‘on-site’, whereby a proportion of the dwellings built are handed over to, or sold to a Registered Social Landlord. Alternatively, (normally for smaller schemes), a commuted sum of money is required as a payment, so that the Housing Authority can commission the construction of affordable housing elsewhere.

Affordable Housing Viability Assessment
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The policies in the development plan that require affordable housing are normally set against ideal economic conditions, and rarely take into consideration the specific constraints and issues of a given site, or other material planning considerations that might also be competing for resources in a development (such as Heritage or Ecology as well as others). The calculations for affordable housing can often render a development unviable (i.e. not worth undertaking) because there isn’t sufficient profit margin to make it worthwhile.

Where an affordable housing requirement renders a development as unviable, an Affordable Housing Viability Assessment can be a useful tool in negotiating with the Council to reduce or remove the affordable housing requirements. Here at ET Planning we are able to prepare Affordable Housing Viability Assessments for our clients to support negotiations in this way. If you’d like more information or further advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01344 508048 or use the form below.

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